#Love Your Language

What is the Nepali translation of “Confused”? Most of you is unaware or maybe confused, even the Nepali readers. Not knowing the answer is obvious for non-Nepali readers. But why have we, the Nepalese, forgotten a simple word from our national language? The answer is, because we have stopped loving our language.

In attempt of globalization, people tend to adapt to new culture, learn foreign languages and make friends from different countries on social networks. Sometimes, when people watch movies in a language they barely know or have problem understanding words and dialogues, they opt for either audio tracks in native language or subtitles. I am, myself, a proponent of globalization and believe in learning new things as well. But, learning a new language or adapting to a new culture does not ask one to forget his/her true identity.

I recently participated in an event hosted by Google Developers Group and Robotics Association of Nepal. It was a four hour “Translate-a-thon” program in which participants had to contribute to the Google Translate Community by translating and validating meanings of english words and phrases into Nepali language. At the start, every participant was either bored or didn’t know the Nepali meaning of english words. The reason was, we had replaced our daily life Nepali words with english words. At times, we even went through online dictionaries for simple words. But, It became interesting when all of us started sharing words that one was unable to translate and sometimes words with funny Nepali meaning like “Sleeping with sirens.”

About one and a half year ago, Google started its translation service into Nepali language. Since then, Nepali translation is one of the most used services of Google and currently ranks Second in terms of user. It is a matter of delight to see your native language grow so tremendously over the web within such a short period of time. But Google still needs support from local communities to improve the understanding and quality of Nepali translations, which in turn can help preserve and promote Nepalese culture and language online.

Just four hours of selfless contribution on that day made me feel like I had contributed to Identity of my own and every Nepali.We spend a huge amount of time over the internet on social networking sites, educational purpose and numerous tasks. So, Why not take some time and let your contribution and feedback help millions of people around the globe ?.

No matter what country, region, community, or caste you belong to, Respect all the languages and, Love your language.