Rebuilding Hope

Though its been four months since the devastating earthquake hit Nepal, a large number of populations have not been able to rise again, neither financially nor emotionally. Our project site Bansbari V.D.C. of Sindhupalchowk district was one of these affected places.

On Saturday, September 19, 2015, I volunteered in a relief project to build temporary houses for earthquake victims. The project was conducted by Rotaract Club of Kathmandu in collaboration with Rotary International. Our project site, a small village, was only about 40 kilometers from Kathmandu but it took us three and a half hours to reach there because of poor road infrastructure.

I felt sickened by the condition of the village as well as the people, the moment I stepped out of the jeep. The village comprised of approximately 50 houses, some turned to rubble and some standing. Locals had to walk 10 minutes to fetch water for drinking and household purposes. There was neither any health post nor any school. The landslide that had occurred some weeks before had worsened the situation even more.The state was pitiful, but beauty of the village was alluring. It was surrounded by hills on three sides with a clear view of Indraawati river in the east.

Despite the problems, their hospitality was appreciative. We were welcomed with warm heart and plates of fruits. The villagers had also arranged for our lunch facilities. After a short break and light breakfast, we started gathering materials and forming teams. Some local people helped us in identifying the needy and helpless victims. Half an hour after we started, only the dimensioning part was complete and we were already drenched in sweat. All of us knew that it was not a piece of cake, but the scorching sun was adding to our difficulties. Overcoming all the obstacles, we built five temporary tunnel houses for the highly needy victims. We also trained the locals to construct such temporary houses on their own and handed over materials for additional 15 houses as well.

Through six hours of continued labor and collaborative effort of everyone, we achieved our goal. Our goal, not only to build houses for the affected but, to build more resilient and spirited Nepalese.