Namaste !

Welcome to Ravi Shankar Sah | About a learner , a platform to share my learning, life experiences, failures, and moments that define me.

Born and raised in a small village and moving to the capital city, Kathmandu is a tough journey for anyone. Several challenges add up when you are from a family with a humble economic condition but, it is those challenges that prepare you for future hurdles.

With every day presenting us with a new set of challenges/opportunities, I try to become better than who I was the previous day. Through articles and perspectives from daily life events, I shall try to share things that you may find helpful to your own life and circumstances.

With tremendous change in technology and increasing access to internet, I believe this platform will enable me share whatever little knowledge I may have and add value to people’s lives from around the world.

I hope you find the information on this platform useful and relatable to you.

Be happy. मंगल होस । 🙂